How it Works

How It Works

Englewood Propane is a locally owned business that is changing the way people buy Propane (also called LP gas) and grilling accessories. WE TAKE THE PAIN OUT OF BUYING PROPANE.

There’s no obligation or contract when you place an order with us – you just order a propane tank as you need it and we have it there as soon as that same day.*

Do I need to buy a propane cylinder from Englewood Propane to get started?
You do not need to buy a tank from Englewood Propane to get started. If you have a Blue Rhino or Amerigas propane tank, or any other propane tank in working condition, without excessive rust and with an OPD valve (the triangular knob), see our qualify your cylinder page, we’ll exchange it for you at the exchange price. If you have a bbq tank that does that have the OPD valve, we can still exchange it for a higher exchange price. Give us a call or email to go over this pricing. You leave your empty or nearly empty propane tank out for us and we’ll give you a precision-filled, high quality propane tank, filled with propane in return.

Do I need to be home for delivery?
There is no need to be home at all. Just leave your propane tanks to be exchanged in an accessible location for our delivery technician and we’ll do the rest. We actually can’t schedule our drivers to meet you during a certain time window, so having your propane tank in an accessible location for us to pick-up is a requirement for using the service.

Do you connect or disconnect the tank for me?
We do offer a connection service for a small fee. This fee is charged if you do not disconnect your exchange tank or if you request the new propane tank to be connected. Our technician will connect it and make sure the connection is tight and secure before leaving the grill. This is a great way to leave the dirty work to us.

For additional safety information and information about how to use propane and propane tank and barbecue safety, you can visit some of these great informational sites:

National Propane Gas Association
Colorado Propane Gas Association
Propane Education and Research Council (PERC)

*Note: Same Day and Next Day delivery are available in most of our delivery areas for a small additional fee. Our listed price includes free STANDARD delivery.

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